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Family Placement Process

Family Time

We want to thank you for visiting MJs Nanny Agency. Our goal is to connect you with trustworthy, professional, and reliable childcare. We want this process to save you time and stress by requiring our candidates go through a thorough application and prescreening process. We run background checks, criminal and driving records, and check references. This ensures safety for you and your family. For a detailed list of caregivers that we place, visit our services page here.

Our Process

1. Start by filling out our Family Application.

2. Schedule an in home, virtual or phone consultation so we can discuss your family's needs.

3. Review and sign our Agency-Client contract.

4. Pay the $250 registration fee for permanent or temporary/summer placement.

5. Review potential candidates and schedule interviews. Temporary placements begin once application is approved for membership to our agency.

6. Hire your nanny or sitter!

7. Pay the remaining balance before the Nannies or Sitters first day. Fees can be found here.

*Families looking for permanent or temporary/summer Nannies are required to pay an application fee of $250 to begin the search. We then send you qualified candidates who are interested in applying to be your Nanny. Once you review your potential Nanny candidates, we will connect you with them and set up the initial interviews. After you have decided to hire a Nanny, we then collect the remaining balance before the Nanny's start date.

*Family Clients participate in a phone, or virtual consultation. We want to get to know your family's needs and make sure we are the right agency for you. We prescreen families who register with our agency to avoid fraudulent activity. To protect you, our nannies must also pass our prescreening and background check process. At MJs Nanny Agency, we strongly believe in building relationships, and we want to ensure the highest level of safety for our families and for our Nannies. Other online Nanny and Sitter businesses do not require meetings, and do not run background, vehicle, or reference checks. These features are optional and are not required to be listed on online sites. We think that not only is finding the right Nanny for you incredibly important, but we also take that extra step to make sure safety is of top priority as well.

*We require that once you have hired your Nanny, families and nannies must sign an employment contract. The contract must have guaranteed hours and pay. Family Clients must pay their Nanny a minimum of $16/hour. The Nannies we approve have years of professional experience, are required to have a resume, and are looking grow with families as being part-of-the-family. Families are required to pay their Nannies legally through a payroll service.

Ready to get started? Review and fill out our Family Application!

Questions? Contact us here!

Please note- MJs Nanny Agency reserves the right to refuse service to any new or current Clients for any reason necessary. We do not allow discrimination by reason of race, creed, color, age, disability, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, Union membership, or any characteristic protected by law.

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